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It's a changing time for all us. 

Don't worry though as we will constantly provide high quality products at respectable prices.

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Wendy, Ian and the team


Ian & Wendy

Our why........... everyday enjoying the goodness in a natural and simple way.

It all started after watching a movie at the Lighthouse Cinema Pauahatuanui. As soon as the credits started rolling, we talked non-stop in the car ride home about the juggling act of our busy lives, being constantly tired and trying to keep fit while at the same time trying to eat well.

Like a lot of our friends and family, we had come to that junction of “what is really important?” and “what shall we do about it?”

Then there was a realisation that it was time to change, a time to focus on what matters: our health, appreciating the simple things in life and enjoying natural goodness…..every day.

We decided to change our diets, Ian to a plant-based diet and Wendy becoming more flexitarian which was the start of our Everyday Goodness journey.

Everyday Goodness is all about experiencing great products and great coffee in a natural and simple way.

Whatever people’s dietary needs or preferences, we just want to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy great products and goodness everyday.

Where we can, we want to keep it local, keep it homegrown, support our business community and do as much as we can to reduce our environmental impact…..just watch out for Wendy on her eBike.

We are located at everyday goodness

If you are in the area...come along and say hi, we have a great cafe with freshly ground Kush Coffee and Heke Herbal Teas. We also do real fruit ice cream and a range of gluten free/vegan treats....just in case you want to treat yourself!!!

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